Select Your Credit Meal Plan

Name Credits Price
100 Credits 100 Credits $100.00
250 Credits 250 Credits $250.00
500 Credits (with a bonus of 30) 530 Credits $500.00
1000 Credits (with a bonus of 60 credits) 1060 Credits $1,000.00
1500 Credits (with a bonus of 125 credits) 1625 Credits $1,500.00

– Meal Purchases are based on using credits. The value of each credit is equivalent to $1.00
– The more credits you purchase, the more bonus credits you will receive for additional savings
– Every week you place an order, your credits will be deducted from your account until it is time to replenish your credits.
– The is NO EXPIRATION date on the use of credits.
– A one-time set up fee of $25 is required to cover the costs of your coolers and ice packs for delivery.
– There will be weekly delivery charge of $10 (one delivery charge per week)

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